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Friday, 1 October 2010


I stepped into London heathrow airport with big eyes and a giant suitcase.
The view of the city from the airplane was amazing, and I already LOVE this place. I was expecting intense cold, but instead Today was a warm sunny day.
 I checked into my hostel last night, and the foreign receptionist insisted he give me my first English kiss. My hostel is awesome! Free breakfast buffet,wifi Internet, lounges and organized tours and pub crawls... I'm staying in a girls dorm with about 8 others at the moment, it's not that easy to sleep with the noise we all make.
Today being my first day in London, I got up nice and early for a morning walk. I was greeted by several squirrels running around the parks, they're the cutest things ever! I did a 3hour walking tour of London and got to view all the impressive historic London icons, including a spectacular show of the changing of the gaurd at buckingham palace. 
with my new found tour friends we went to a pub for lunch and then I decided to continue touring the city on another 3 hour trip. On this one we mainly got to see the thame river and the bridges over it, as well as the London tower. 
After my day walking the lengths of the city, I well deserved a sit down, so I met up with one of the girls I'd met on tour, and we went to see the lion king show! London is well known for it's musicals and theaters, and I have to say the lion kong is the best performance I've ever seen. It is soo good! I'll go and see another show again for sure.

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