My London Expedition

The trials, tribulations and triumphs of being a working traveller in London

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


i feel really ackward here in dubai.a bit out of place. i am the only blonde person here and i am really getting stared at. i do not see a lot of woman, but mostly men everywhere.i feel a bit like a moviestar with people taking phtos of me and staring with open mouths. its like im from another planet. so i started wearing a head scarf to cover myself and things are going a bit better now.Dubai is a really nice place. it is so fancy, i do not see houses but only mansions and palaces. there is nothing dirty or run down, but all the buldings and shops are exquisit.
my first day here i went to the emirates mall-the biggest one in the world. they have an indoor ski field which is so cool, so i took a snowboardng lesson. i dont think ive never fallen on my bum so many times but it was really fun! i did it with 2 poms from london who were on their honeymoon we got on really well.
after snowboarding i got picked up at my hotel, and went on a dessert safari in a 4wd! this was so much fun i loved it. it felt like we were going to crash several times going over the sand dunes. in my car there were2 aussies and 2 south africans who were really fun. we got to ride camels, and during our arabian bbq were entertaineed with belly dancers, fire throwers and free henna tattoos.
i will put some photos up soon!
right now im at the abu dhabi airport again, waiiting for my 8hour flight to london. free internet computers are the best, but i only have 5minutes left on it, so farewell lovelies!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

cutting it fine

I have arrived in Abu Dhabi finally. After a nice 15hours on the plane. I did get a short break at singapore, and I decided to make the most out of my hour in transit. and went for a wonder around around the airport. If youve ever been to singapore airport, youll understand when I say I got lost... its huge! and confusing! I did some window shopping then got distracted by the free internet computers. when i realise it was time to board my flight, I also realised I didnt take notice of how to get back to the boarding gate. Claps for me. So after doing a few circles (up and down the travelators), I found my gate just as the done the final boarding call and were closing the gate. I cut it fine but MADED IT! and thats all that matter! proud of myself.

When i arrived at Abu Dhabi i was shocked. I mean, i know its a dessert and all, but I arrived at midnight and thought it might have cooled down a bit. I thought wrong. My glasses fogged up as soon as I stepped outside. Ive never felt heat like it. The pilot had said it was 20 degrees, but it felt like 50 degrees because its so humid.
The Abu dhabi airway was pretty cool though, the biggest ive ever seen with lots of different coloured lights. Its so big that it took us 15 minutes to park at our gate after landing.
I was really suprised at the lack of security/border control in the UAE. We were not required to fill out arrival documents, people smoke inside the airport, there is no x-raying of luggage and the guy who checked my passport at customs had no idea wether he was allowed to let me in the country and so just took a photo of me and let me go through. Rad.
Singapore was quite the opposite which made me laugh - on the arrival announcement in the plane the pilot said to us that bringing illegal drugs into the country has 'fairly big' consequences, the punishment is the death penalty. Wow singapore thats a bit harsh!
I made some friends in Abu Dhabi with a sydney family and am so greatful for how nice they were to me! we had just met and because it was so hot then especially went and bought me some water. We travelled to Dubai together where I will be for the next day and a half. Aussies are the best!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Awesome day

Yesterday I found out my journey is going to be longer than expected..18hours on the plane from Brisbane to Dubai, and then another 7 hours from Dubai to London. Far out that's a loong trip! At least I love planes :) I shall watch about 10 movies I'd say!
So today has just been a really GREAT day!
The morning started off with a journey into the city (for one last time) and I met with my mate Amy who has just moved over from NZ. We had brunch at starbucks and I took her on a mini city tour. She recently came back from London herself so was able to give me heaps of advice.
For lunch I went to the Novotel one last time (where I have worked for the past 2 years), and my boss took me out for lunch to say thank you and farewell. It was such a great lunch, with compliments of Novotel :) a couple of the other managers joined us too and I was treated to several farewell presents from work, lucky me!! I received flowers from my supervisor, a card and $20 pounds for my 'first beer' from the sales girls, a bottle of moet French champagne from the food and beverage manager, scratchy tickets from my manager, and a platter of cakes with a goodbye message written in chocolate writing from the chefs. Ooow I'm going to really miss my work :( So many good times have been had there, lots of laughter and shenanigans :p
For afternoon tea I physically didn't have room to consume any more food, but met up with the girls for high tea. You would think that's where my day would end, but No, I squeezed in dinner with my family at an amazing Indian restaurant. All the food is made to order and super fresh, one of the best Indian experiences I've had. Last night I had an Italian experience too! I've been out to restaurants for meals soo much in the past month I'm almost restauranted out.. Keen for a good home cooked meal, although I don't think I'll be having that much on my travels whilst staying at hostels. I'll make sure mother cooks up a good roast before I go :)
One other thing I'm really going to miss is my car :( it's been with me through the good times and the bad, and how convenient and cosy it is! Guess I'll have to get used to the public transport system again. I hear the tube isn't that bad.
I'm going to have a great nights rest after a really amazing day. To my friends - I love you all! Your the best mates I could ask for and I'll dearly miss you. X

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

toughed out

I have made it through an 80hour week at work, through working 14 days straight, and through 3 going away gatherings. I cannot remember the last time I was able to sleep in, but today I was able to snooze until I was sore and I am feeeling good :)Yesterday was a bittersweet day,being my last one at work. So now a week of relaxation is before me, with some last minute goodbyes with mates of course. A group of us went to hogs breath last week for a farewell dinner, photos are above.
5 days...

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Girls weekend away at the coast

i had the most fabulous weekend! My sister wanted to take me away for a girls weekend before I go overseas, so she booked us beautiful apartments right in surfers paradise. We stayed on level 36 at the mantra apartments, on cavill circle, which is a prime spot in the gold coast, right by the beach, restaurants, attractions and nightclubs. We left friday morning, road tripping on the highway and arrived in time for lunch. The weekend started off with champagne,strawberries and chocolate, and continued in that respect pretty much until it was time to go home. We went to infinity - a futuristic 'fun-house' attraction, where you walk through trippy maze like worlds with special effects and illusions, very cool. Before we headed back to brisbane on saturday we visited the palazzo versace, an almost 6 star hotel overlooking the beach. It is so fancy, we had a high tea with scones, finger sandwiches, cakes and drinks. On our arrival back to Brisbane, the city welcomed us with a display of fireworks shot from the river. Riverfire happens every year in Brisbane and there are so many people in the city that it is hard to move. After the fireworks we filled our bellies with authentic turkish food from a great little restaurant called Ahmets. The interior is fully decorated in Turkish furnshings, and while we ate our meals we were treated to a belly dancing show. The night ended with a walk around the city and dancing in the nightclubs.
After a very welcomed sleep in on Sunday, we got up to have some lunch and went to the movies to see Tomorrow When The War Began. Really great film.
Such a satisfying weekend, one that I will remember for a good while! I have attached a few photos above, the first one of my gorgeous sister.
Today is fathers day, so Im sure we will celebrate that tonight when my parents get home from their week away in Cairns.
This upcoming week will be a busy one, a lot of dates with mates and farewell get togethers. Looking forward to Wednesday when my connect group and I will be dinning at hogs breath :)