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Friday, 29 October 2010

Travelling across Europe

Ok. So much to share.
The past 2 and a half weeks have been the best of my life, I cannot describe with words how good it has been, except to say that it was amaaaaaazing.
7am on 7 October, we departed on our topdeck tour.. With high spirits and high hopes, 50 of us hopped onto a bus which was to take us around Europe. Dominated by aussies, immediately good friendships were formed, and the partying began. Our first stop was Paris, where we indulged ourselves with snails and frogs legs, and partied until the sun came up. I cant say we got a lot of sleep during the trip, but I wouldn’t change a thing. After 2 days in Paris, our journey continued to Switzerland, followed by Italy, Austria, Germany, Amsterdam and Belgium. The memories and friendships we formed during this trip is priceless, and I am already really missing everyone 
After a sad farewell, I am back in London, continuing my journey as a solo traveller.
A couple of days ago I went to Manchester with a friend, and after that stayed with a mate in Harlow town, down south of London.

Coming back to London has been bittersweet, sad to leave my new mates behind, but also excited for my next stage of the journey. One thing I can say is I am soo sick of lugging my giant suitcase up and down stairs in Europe! There are stairs everywhere, so im quite content to be staying in one place, for now anyway.
I am currently living in a hostel, right in the centre of London. I love it. It isn’t cheap, and I share a room with 7 other girls, but it is in an awesome location and gives me everything I need including free internet  I have been making use of that free internet by job and house hunting, and I am pleased to say, I am now employed  I had an interview this morning at Sofitel London, a 5star hotel, and I got the job. I will be working in the room service department full-time as of Monday. It is about a half hour walk from where I am staying now, quite convenient.
The house hunting is not going so well, I have been looking on gumtree and viewed a couple of houses today, theyre shocking! First of all London flats are tiny which is to be expected, but the majority are also very dirty and smelly. I feel that it is going to take me a while to find a good place to live.
On the bright side, I’m getting to know a few people in London town, so my calender is staying busy :)

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