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Monday, 4 October 2010

A few things I've realized about London..

During my days of sightseeing and touring London I have noticed a few things -
•coffee is expensive. I pay £2.50 for a coffee which = $5.00. maybe because I'm a starbucks addict...
•I can walk to places in the same amount of time that the tube would take me to get there
•no londoners actually live in London, just tourists,travellers and foreigners.
•food is fairly cheap, other things arent
•the traffic lights turn green then orange then red then back to orange and then to green.
•pedestrians do not wait for the walk signal at traffic lights, but pretty much walk over the road whenever they want and expect cars to stop for them
•after the tube, biking seems to be a really popular method of transport. There are pay and go bike stalls all over London for hire.
•there are way too many pigeons,seagulls and other annoying birds in the city
•rubbish gets left out on the sidewalk in rubbish bags
•it costs extra money to dine in, even at coffee shops (except for good old Starbucks!)
•it is the most beautiful and exciting city in the world, but then I already knew that

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