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Saturday, 2 October 2010

I just wrote a massive blog, but thanks to my one hour of free internet expiring, it deleted itself. Boo! So here we go again...maybe a little shorter this time.
One of the many things that I love about London is that theres a starbucks on every corner. And the amazing tube. I have become quite a tube pro actually. I am now compulsively standing to the right hand side of the esculators to make sure I do not get stampeded, and know my way around the different tube lines. Its quite an amazing system of underground railroads. Trains come every couple of minutes. At some stations instead of esculators there are lifts. Which can be quite interesting especially at peak time. About 50 people will squash into one lift haha.
Another thing that i am really loving is the parks that are all around London. It is actually quite an outdoorsy place suprisingly. Transportation by bike or walking is really common.
I visited Harrods today - the most expensive shop in London. It is huge, but quite a bore to be honest. Id rather be spending my time at Hyde Park. I also made a stop off to the famous Notting Hill - it looks just like the movie.

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