My London Expedition

The trials, tribulations and triumphs of being a working traveller in London

Monday, 23 August 2010


I've opened up a British Bank account with Barclays, through the Britbound program. It is a pretty tricky thing to do being a newcomer to England (some say impossible) so Im glad I have it sorted! Britbound has been great, they have hooked me up with a UK simcard, free international money transfer, arrival information sessions and travel guides as well as heaps of other stuff. They make the transition a lot smoother!

Dad bought me a cute little netbook today! I had been contemplating wether or not to take my laptop with me, as it is heavy and could be a bit annoying to travel with and was suprised by an early birthday present in a beautiful red box with gold and silver ribbons. I opened the box and there was little laptop inside, it could fit in myhandbag! the screen is nice and large, but it is so light and easy to carry around. It is going to be so handy to travel with! Lucky for you that means there will be lots of blog updates and photos of my adventures! I have the best dad! :)

Only 4 weeks left of work at the Novotel! It will be broken up nicely too, as in 2 weeks my sister and I are heading down to the gold coast for a girls weekend away and then its just 2 weeks left! It is true what they say about Queensland - beautiful one day, perfect the next! The sun just wont stay away, it is the middle of winter and still hot. I'm looking forward to a bit of cool weather, but dont quote me on that, I may regret that statement later. 2 winters in one year, lucky me. Praying for a white christmas!