My London Expedition

The trials, tribulations and triumphs of being a working traveller in London

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Let the long days begin

Those days of working 15 hours, sleeping 5, and getting up to do it all over again have begun. Im blessed that I am able to get a lot of hours at work to save up for my trip. Last week I did 65 hours and and this week about 50, so its pretty good! only 4 months to go, it will fly by!

I've taken my first big steps so far, went to see the travel agent and booked my flights, topdeck tour, travel insurance and hostels for the first 9 days!
Here is my itinerary so far:
27 september 2010 - Depart brisbane(Etihad Airways), with stopover in abu dhabi.
28 september 2010 - Arrive in London
28 september to 06 october - stay at generator hostel in London. According to reviews, this is the maddest, wildest, biggest, best hostel in London. With free breakfast every morning, a walking tour of London, a bar, free towels, and a wi-fi cafe, it seems alright to me!
06 October - stay the night at Clink hostel (where topdeck tour departs from)
07 october to 20 October - European Wonder topdeck tour. Departs 6am from Lodon, to paris, to switzerland, to italy, to Austria, to Germany, to Netherlands, to Belgium and back to London!
October 20 - Arrive back in London 9pm, staying at Clink hostel once again.
October 21 - Start looking for work and a place to live!

To give those of you who thinking of doing a trip like this an idea of the cost, for my flight, 9 days of hostels, the 14 day topdeck tour, and 6 months of travel insurance, all up the grand total comes to $4150. I did get a fairly cheap flight though, it just depends on when you want to travel. Around october it is off season, so everything is a little cheaper.

Monday, 10 May 2010

From the get-go..

Helloo and Welcome to the beginning of my journey as an independant working traveller, going solo to London! This story starts in a far far away place called Brisbane - Australia. AKA Bris-vegas - the home of the unbeatable broncos (yes theyre a rugby team), and the city where I dwell.
My previous adventures have brought me to this place which I now call home, but as the saying goes - its time to set the sails, I feel a wind a'stirring.
Soon I will be saying bon voyage and au revoir to the beautiful brissy city lights, and bonjour to the delicacies, extremities and extravagance of europe.

The planning stage has begun! So much to get in order before my ship sets sail.
October 2010 is my expected departure date into the unprecedented yet exciting unknown depths of London.
Through all the excitement of organising my trip, I failed to realise my passport was due to expire during the middle of my trip. So currently I am in the tedious process of filling out forms and getting passport photos taken, to renew my passport. Once I have my newly refurbished passport, the visa application process will be underway! The great thing about being an aussie/kiwi is that its pretty easy to get a working holiday visa to UK. This visa is called the youth mobility visa and allows you to work while holidaying in the UK, for up to two years! woohoo!
After a brief visit to the travel agent today (STA travel is the way to go!), I have bookloads of information in regards to my trip. It seems my biggest expense is going to be travel insurance! Its a must have but costs a fortune ( about $700 for 6 months spent abroad - it gets cheaper the longer you take out).

There are so many things to think about. If only we could just get on a plane and go!

I will keep you updated, keep watching this space!