My London Expedition

The trials, tribulations and triumphs of being a working traveller in London

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Yes yes, I am meant to be saving I know, but I cant resist a week away to the city which captured my heart (and still has not given it back). Magnificent in all it's glory, Sydney is an amazing city, and how I looove it! With the beautiful opera house, great city life and spectacular harbour, there is always something to do in Sydney. It has frequent festivites and cultural events, making it the perfect spot for my last Aussie holiday. I'm off with a bus-load of friends on July 5 for Hillsong conference. Going with an expectant heart, I cannot wait for what God has instore. I am taking the exotic option of flying, I've always had a thing for aeroplanes - they're just so exciting! Any excuse to fly and I'm there. My friends and I are heading over for the conference (pretty much the highlight of our year) and staying on a couple of extra days to do some sightseeing.
Don't worry I plan on being wise with my spending - every dollar saved can be spent in paris!

I have taken on a second job, picking up a few extra hours each week. It keeps me on my toes and because it's keeping me busy the days are blurring together.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

In between stage

I am waiting with excitement and anticipation for the journey ahead of me. In 3 and a half short months I will be on my way, travelling across the seas into the depths of the unknown.
I'm in an 'in-between' stage, where I cannot afford to have any kind of social life as my funds are being stashed away, but I am not yet ready to depart. Playing the waiting game. Life is keeping me busy though, veeery busy. Time is flying by which is quite good.
I feel like I'm leaving at the best time - I'm almost sad to be leaving. Life in brissy is great, I'm enjoying every moment, I even get excited to get out of bed and go to work. My friends are beautiful and there's never a dull day. But I am so excited to embark on this adventure and it gives me encouragement for the journey ahead - hope and confidence that even though I'm going to a new and unfamilliar city, I will be okay!
I got my renewed passport back, now just need to get my evidence of funds together! This is to show I can survive in UK, so that I can apply for my visa. The visa can be post-dated up to 3 months before I leave, which allows me to stay in the UK for the full 2 years rather than the time ticking away before I leave.
Well I'm off to the movies to see sex & the city 2(my ticket being kindly donated), au revoir...