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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Big mistake

I made the HUGE mistake of counting my pennies and opting for a coffee 50pence cheaper than at Starbucks today, it was a horrible experience! After a sip it was in the bin and I lost £2. Starbucks I shall never put another coffee shop before you again!!

It's my last night at the generator hostel tonight, just when I'm finally starting to enjoy it. My next move is to Clink hostel, 10minutes down the road. It used to be a courthouse and I've only heard good reports. My room size will half from 12 people to 4-6, plus we get our own bathroom and free breakfast. Half my room will most likely be made up of Australians no doubt. They're everywhere, we rule London town!

I got a new iPhone today. I visited the apple store, told them there was a problem with my phone and the replaced it no questions asked. It's a really cool store - the biggest in the world. It is located in Covent garden, right by all the markets. Markets are everywhere in London, covent garden markets are my fav so far. They sell anything from food to clothes to jewelery to souvenirs, and the clothes are actually quite cool. Call me a tourist, but I bought an 'i love london' hoody. It was only £12 I couldn't resist.

Something I find quite funny is that I get asked for directions about 5 times a day. As I said in my previous post, quarter of London is made up of Aussies, and the rest tourists! Everyone asks each other for directions but nobody knows the answer. I am am a little pleased with myself though, I've been able to point a couple of people in the right direction now. 1 week in London...what can I say...

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