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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


i feel really ackward here in dubai.a bit out of place. i am the only blonde person here and i am really getting stared at. i do not see a lot of woman, but mostly men everywhere.i feel a bit like a moviestar with people taking phtos of me and staring with open mouths. its like im from another planet. so i started wearing a head scarf to cover myself and things are going a bit better now.Dubai is a really nice place. it is so fancy, i do not see houses but only mansions and palaces. there is nothing dirty or run down, but all the buldings and shops are exquisit.
my first day here i went to the emirates mall-the biggest one in the world. they have an indoor ski field which is so cool, so i took a snowboardng lesson. i dont think ive never fallen on my bum so many times but it was really fun! i did it with 2 poms from london who were on their honeymoon we got on really well.
after snowboarding i got picked up at my hotel, and went on a dessert safari in a 4wd! this was so much fun i loved it. it felt like we were going to crash several times going over the sand dunes. in my car there were2 aussies and 2 south africans who were really fun. we got to ride camels, and during our arabian bbq were entertaineed with belly dancers, fire throwers and free henna tattoos.
i will put some photos up soon!
right now im at the abu dhabi airport again, waiiting for my 8hour flight to london. free internet computers are the best, but i only have 5minutes left on it, so farewell lovelies!

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