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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

cutting it fine

I have arrived in Abu Dhabi finally. After a nice 15hours on the plane. I did get a short break at singapore, and I decided to make the most out of my hour in transit. and went for a wonder around around the airport. If youve ever been to singapore airport, youll understand when I say I got lost... its huge! and confusing! I did some window shopping then got distracted by the free internet computers. when i realise it was time to board my flight, I also realised I didnt take notice of how to get back to the boarding gate. Claps for me. So after doing a few circles (up and down the travelators), I found my gate just as the done the final boarding call and were closing the gate. I cut it fine but MADED IT! and thats all that matter! proud of myself.

When i arrived at Abu Dhabi i was shocked. I mean, i know its a dessert and all, but I arrived at midnight and thought it might have cooled down a bit. I thought wrong. My glasses fogged up as soon as I stepped outside. Ive never felt heat like it. The pilot had said it was 20 degrees, but it felt like 50 degrees because its so humid.
The Abu dhabi airway was pretty cool though, the biggest ive ever seen with lots of different coloured lights. Its so big that it took us 15 minutes to park at our gate after landing.
I was really suprised at the lack of security/border control in the UAE. We were not required to fill out arrival documents, people smoke inside the airport, there is no x-raying of luggage and the guy who checked my passport at customs had no idea wether he was allowed to let me in the country and so just took a photo of me and let me go through. Rad.
Singapore was quite the opposite which made me laugh - on the arrival announcement in the plane the pilot said to us that bringing illegal drugs into the country has 'fairly big' consequences, the punishment is the death penalty. Wow singapore thats a bit harsh!
I made some friends in Abu Dhabi with a sydney family and am so greatful for how nice they were to me! we had just met and because it was so hot then especially went and bought me some water. We travelled to Dubai together where I will be for the next day and a half. Aussies are the best!

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