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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Awesome day

Yesterday I found out my journey is going to be longer than expected..18hours on the plane from Brisbane to Dubai, and then another 7 hours from Dubai to London. Far out that's a loong trip! At least I love planes :) I shall watch about 10 movies I'd say!
So today has just been a really GREAT day!
The morning started off with a journey into the city (for one last time) and I met with my mate Amy who has just moved over from NZ. We had brunch at starbucks and I took her on a mini city tour. She recently came back from London herself so was able to give me heaps of advice.
For lunch I went to the Novotel one last time (where I have worked for the past 2 years), and my boss took me out for lunch to say thank you and farewell. It was such a great lunch, with compliments of Novotel :) a couple of the other managers joined us too and I was treated to several farewell presents from work, lucky me!! I received flowers from my supervisor, a card and $20 pounds for my 'first beer' from the sales girls, a bottle of moet French champagne from the food and beverage manager, scratchy tickets from my manager, and a platter of cakes with a goodbye message written in chocolate writing from the chefs. Ooow I'm going to really miss my work :( So many good times have been had there, lots of laughter and shenanigans :p
For afternoon tea I physically didn't have room to consume any more food, but met up with the girls for high tea. You would think that's where my day would end, but No, I squeezed in dinner with my family at an amazing Indian restaurant. All the food is made to order and super fresh, one of the best Indian experiences I've had. Last night I had an Italian experience too! I've been out to restaurants for meals soo much in the past month I'm almost restauranted out.. Keen for a good home cooked meal, although I don't think I'll be having that much on my travels whilst staying at hostels. I'll make sure mother cooks up a good roast before I go :)
One other thing I'm really going to miss is my car :( it's been with me through the good times and the bad, and how convenient and cosy it is! Guess I'll have to get used to the public transport system again. I hear the tube isn't that bad.
I'm going to have a great nights rest after a really amazing day. To my friends - I love you all! Your the best mates I could ask for and I'll dearly miss you. X


  1. Sweetheart, I wish you a really good journey, and that time will go fast :)
    So cool that you are finally heading over to Europe! I promise whenever you gonna meet me, I gonna cook you something really nice!! :) You can get really cheap flights to Stuttgart from London ;) And it only takes 2hours I think.
    I gonna send you my phone numbers as well, so you will be able to contact me. Do you have my skype and mail?! Let me know.. and there is always facebook ;)
    Talk to you soon!!! Love, Dori

  2. we all miss u back melissa!!!!!
    xx tammy