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Saturday, 5 June 2010

In between stage

I am waiting with excitement and anticipation for the journey ahead of me. In 3 and a half short months I will be on my way, travelling across the seas into the depths of the unknown.
I'm in an 'in-between' stage, where I cannot afford to have any kind of social life as my funds are being stashed away, but I am not yet ready to depart. Playing the waiting game. Life is keeping me busy though, veeery busy. Time is flying by which is quite good.
I feel like I'm leaving at the best time - I'm almost sad to be leaving. Life in brissy is great, I'm enjoying every moment, I even get excited to get out of bed and go to work. My friends are beautiful and there's never a dull day. But I am so excited to embark on this adventure and it gives me encouragement for the journey ahead - hope and confidence that even though I'm going to a new and unfamilliar city, I will be okay!
I got my renewed passport back, now just need to get my evidence of funds together! This is to show I can survive in UK, so that I can apply for my visa. The visa can be post-dated up to 3 months before I leave, which allows me to stay in the UK for the full 2 years rather than the time ticking away before I leave.
Well I'm off to the movies to see sex & the city 2(my ticket being kindly donated), au revoir...

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